Looking for authentic unique oils for your own care product ?
Ask for the possibilities.
Over the years we have been increasingly confronted with skin diseases or general illnesses.
This is one of the reasons why we have set ourselves the goal of developing products that are positive for our skin, hair and body.
Think of skin care products but also our immune system.
We have gone to great lengths to find the right combination of ingredients, as far as we have ended up on islands in Oceania.
We will expand our product range every time we find new unique ingredients:
√ Tamanu-Oil
√ Coconut Oil
√ Ngali-Oil
√ Hemp-Butter
√ Argan-Oil
√ Complete Skincare products
√ Complete Bodycare products
√ Immune booster
√ Shampoo with Tamanu-Oil

Lavender, Essential Oil (15ml)


Rosemary, Essential Oil (15ml)


Sandalwood Oil (15ml)


Frangipani Fragant Essential Oil (15ml)


Peppermint Essential Oil (15ml)


Mixture of Essential Oils (5ml)

Authentic Oils


Natural Skin Care



Natural Skin Care



Natural immune booster

Immune system


Authentic Coconutoil

Coconut Oil


Shampoo with the original Tamanu-Oil



Authentic Tamanu-Oil

Tamanu Oil Y


Essential Oils

Essential oil, or aromatic oil is a mixture of aromatic molecules extracted from plant material that is characteristic of the smell of the plant from which they are extracted. Although such mixtures are called "oils," essential oils contain no fat. They are liquid at room temperature, but quickly evaporate when heated and easily ignite.